JunTao Li

Associate Professor
Chemical power supply , spectroscopy and electrochemistry


B.S. (2002)    Xiamen University
Ph.D. (2009)  Pierre and Marie Curie University & Xiamen University
Assistant Professor (2009) School of Energy Research, Xiamen University
Associate Professor (2013) Collage of Energy, Xiamen University

Research Interests

(1) Electrode Materials and Interfacial Processes of Lithium Ion Battery

(2) Electrochemical in situ Infrared Spectroscopy 

(3) Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell.

Selected Publications

More than 70 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals which are indexed by SCI database have been published.
24. T Zhang, JT Li,* J Liu, YP Deng, ZG Wu, ZW Yin, D Guo, L Huang, SG Sun, Suppressing the voltage-fading of layered lithium-rich cathode materials via an aqueous binder for Li-ion batteries, Chem Commun, 2016, 52: 4683.
23. Q Zhang, J Liu, ZY Wu, JT Li,* L Huang, SG Sun, 3D nanostructured multilayer Si/Al film with excellent cycle performance as anode material for lithium-ion battery, J Alloys Comp, 2016, 657: 559.
22. T Zhang, JT Li,* J Liu, YP Deng, ZG Wu, ZW Yin, JH Wu, L Huang, SG Sun*, Improving the electrochemical performance of Li1.14Ni0.18Mn0.62O2 by modulating structure defects via a molten salt method, ChemElectroChem (VIP paper) ,2016, 3: 98.
21. 李君涛,吴振国,孙世刚,钟本和,黄令,郭孝东,锂离子电池锡-钴负极材料制备方法,中国发明专利ZL 2013 1 0135795.2
20. 李君涛,吴振国,孙世刚,钟本和,黄令,水相体系常温制备锡-钴无定形复合材料的方法. 中国发明专利 ZL 2013 1 0134954.7.
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