The 82nd Energy Forum: Development Prospect of Biomass Energy and Brief Introduction to Biomass Conversion and Utilization Technology
Time:2018-12-15   Visits:67

        At 7.30 p.m., December 13, the 82nd Energy Forum was held in HeMu building room A221. Professor Yunquan Liu was invited to act as the lecturer who focused on the topic: Development Prospect of Biomass Energy and brief introduction to Biomass conversion and Utilization Technology.

       First, Professor Liu gave a self-introduction. Then, he began to talk on several aspects such as the overview of Biomass Energy, the utilization and conversion technology of biomass, prospect of biomass Energy development, etc. He pointed out that biomass energy was vital in energy problem—and it’s one of the most urgent issue in the new era.

        After that, Professor Liu discussed about the situation of biomass energy on the whole. He talked about its classifications and its unique position in the alternative energy system. In addition, he also mentioned the advantages and drawbacks of biomass energy objectively.

        At last, Professor Liu introduced biomass conversion and utilization technology and explained why biomass energy enjoyed a broad prospect of application. After the Q&A, The Energy Forum finally came to a successful conclusion in cheers and applause.