The 84th energy forum-how to be an interdisciplinary talent with economical brain
Time:2018-12-21   Visits:53

        At 19:30 on the 18th December, the 84th energy forum was held in the He Mu building of the college of energy. This lecture was given by Xiamen University Chair professor Li Jun, who is one of China’s 9th “thousand talents program” experts. The theme of this energy forum was how to be an interdisciplinary talent with economical brain.

        Professor Li is a nuclear engineering doctor of the Stanford University, an MBA master of Wharton School. He has achieved a lot in nuclear technology and economics. He has always been persisting that the students majoring in science and engineering should be an interdisciplinary talent who not only understand technology but also have an economical brain. In this energy forum, he mainly explained economy and some economic phenomenon from his point of view, and led listeners to think about.

        In the beginning, professor Li shared his opinions on some economic phenomenon from macro perspective. First, he introduced three bases of healthy economic system, then he put forward the right policy and legal basis calling for building a healthy economic system. After introducing the commodity production equation and the types of commodities and enterprises, Professor Li Jun put forward the view of looking for business opportunities in low efficiency. Low efficiency is the reason for high cost, and the problem of low efficiency can be solved before it can be developed by cutting costs.

        And then professor Li explained some important concepts in economy. The first key word was “utility”. He pointed out that utility was more than profit, utility was the basis for everyone to make decisions, and the basis for making decisions was utility maximization. The second key word was “expectation”. The mental satisfaction was always relative to expectations. When the expectation was too high, it would usually be difficult to meet. It was widely applied in economy and sociology. Last but not least, professor Li put forward the theory that marginal revenue equaled to marginal cost. He also enlightened listeners to think over some current politics happened in the world today.

        After interactive questions and answers with teachers and students present, this energy forum ended with a great success.