The Eighty-Seventh Energy Forum——Network Security of Digital Control system in Nuclear Power Plant
Time:2019-03-15   Visits:54

        At 16:20, March 13, the College of Energy held the eighty-seventh energy forum with the theme as Network Security of Digital Control system in Nuclear Power Plant. Wu Yichun, a vice professor from our institute, spoke as the keynote speaker on the forum. Focusing on the field of information security industrial control systems, he proceeded in two aspectsthe present situation and protection technology of information security in industrial security in industrial control system as well as network security of digital control system in nuclear power plant.

        Professor Wu, combined with the background of the current era, pointd out the problems encountered by the industrial control system under the new development trend.  As we are transiting into Industry 4.0, electronic information technology plays a more important role in the field of engineering control. And it also starts applying Cyber-Physical System. The information security becomes a crucial step in engineering control. Recently, there are more abnormal conditions caused by malicious attack and system loopholes in industrial control system. Once the problems happen, it will cause the decrease of the yield and quality, and worst of all, large safety incidents may happen. Static protections are the mainly safety protection measures, and dynamic protection have also developed.

        Then professor Wu analyzed typical examples, one of which was Iran Stuxnet Virus Incident. It was a typical network attack case, which led to a delay in the delivery of Iran’s nuclear power plants.

        At last, professor Wu summarized that 30 per cent security was determined by technology and the left was determined by the management in the field of security, especially in the industrial security. After the communication between the professor and students, this energy forum ended successfully.