The 77th Energy Forum—— Solution Processible Quantum Dot Luminescent Thin Films and Their Applications
Time:2018-10-23   Visits:68

       The 77th Energy Forum was hosted by Fushan Li, professor from the College of Physics and Information of Fuzhou University and also a Minjiang distinguished professor, at Room A203 in Hemu Building, 3:40 p.m. of October 17th. The topic of this time’s forum is ‘Solution Processible Quantum Dot Luminescent Thin Films and Their Applications’.

At the beginning, Prof. Li demonstrated the advantages of solution processing technique compared to traditional ones. Solution processing made it possible to synthesize quantum dots directly via aqueous phase, and reduced the difficulty in adding functional groups. With its simpler operation procedure, better repetitiveness, lower cost, controllability of surface charges and surface properties, this processing technique had become a popular topic in researches.

Prof. Li then introduced quantum dot materials, which were used to manufacture display devices. Quantum dots were semiconductor nanostructures that could bound excitons in three spatial directions, and were composed of a small number of atoms. Quantum dot luminescent thin films could expand the color gamut and lower the cost when used to manufacture display devices.

Prof. Li also focused on perovskite quantum dots which had higher quantum efficiency thus were regarded as future quantum luminescent materials. After that, he supplemented more applications about quantum dot thin films, for example, their applications on piezoelectric generators and washable wearable devices.

This energy forum ended with a great success in related discussions between Prof. Li and other teachers.