The Seventysixth Energy Forum of Perovskite Solar Battery
Time:2018-10-23   Visits:56

        On October 17, 2018, at 14:30 p.m., the 76th Energy Forum organized by the academic department was held at Room A203 of Energy College. The forum was hosted by Xiao Lixin, a professor at the School of Physics, Peking University and member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The theme of this energy forum is Perovskite Solar Cells.

      Professor Xiao Lixin first introduced the basic situation of using OLED organic light emitting diodes. Then he began to introduce perovskite, elaborated perovskite and its historical development. The prominent photovoltaic efficiency of the hybrid organic solar cells was explained in detail, and the idea of hybrid organic solar cells was put forward.

      Professor Xiao pointed out several problems in the development of hybrid perovskite materials. First of all, efficiency was a problem. Some methods could play an important role in improving efficiency, such as the rational use of additives such as MAAC and TSC, which could promote the formation of membranes, while adding Sn could make the material free of solidity. The second problem was stability. Professor Xiao pointed out that this was the key problem to be solved in the future. In order to solve this problem, the influence of humidity and light should be considered. If thiocyanate ion was added to the material, it would be able to withstand 80% to 90% of the high humidity environment. The third point was the problem of large area angular frequency. To solve this problem, neither the transmission layer nor the PVK had pinholes. Professor Xiao explained how to achieve this point. The fourth was the problem of lead-free, which could be solved by adding tin ions with higher efficiency and better stability.

      Next, Professor Xiao focused on his latest work and progress, mainly in the electronic transport layer, hole transport, as well as perovskite material morphology control and non-lead aspects.    

      After a heated discussion between Professor Xiao and the teachers and students, the forum was successfully concluded.