The bioenergy team of our college joined hands with the cooperative enterprises to attend the summit forum of the integration of industry and education in Xiamen University and signed the contract on the spot
Time:2019-04-07   Visits:60

        Xiamen University Forum for Industry & Education was held in Science & Art Center on April 5th. Hundreds of representatives of technology company and about 600 scientific backbone members from Xiamen University focused on the fusion of industry and education to conduct research on how to upgrade industry to increase the economy.

     Professor Lin Lu attended the forum with Yang Faxin, vice president, and Zeng Suzhu, chief engineer of Daqing Lianyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd, and vice professor Wang Duo attended with Wang Kai, chairman of Shanghai Dongyin Technology Co., Ltd. This forum included keynote speech, guest interview and school-enterprise cooperation project signing. Yang Fangxin was invited to share ideas in the speech of Produce the Chain of Industry and Education with six guests, and provided opinions on the integration of industry and education, from how the integration of industry and education promoted scientific and technological innovation and fostered new momentum of economic development, how to promote the transformation of achievements in colleges and universities, and how to create a good policy environment for industry, education and research.

        Professor Lin Lu and vice professor Wang Duo on behalf of Xiamen University signed the contracts with cooperative enterprises respectively to discuss how to develop biological energy technology jointly. On the spot, there were nine contracts being signed, and two of them were driven by our team. It shows that the College of Energy continued to serve the national major strategy and local economic social development with the cultivation of high-level talents, promoting the integration of production and study, deepening the suppli-side reform of high-level innovative talents and improving the quality of talent training.