Sub-forum of the College of Energy of XMU Nanqiang Young Scholars Forum Was Successfully Held
Time:2019-04-17   Visits:85

        The 2019 Nanqiang Young Scholars Forum was held at Xiamen University on Apr.11th - 12th. Sub-forum of the College of Energy of  XMU Nanqiang Young Scholars Forum hosted by the College of Energy was successfully held at the same time. Nine outstanding young scholars from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and other countries came for exchanges and communication.

        During the forum, the college held a welcome ceremony. The college party secretary Sun Ziguang, the college deputy party secretary Ma Zhaohai and Sun Jia, the associate dean of College of Energy Lin Lu, the college employment committee member, institute director, professors, teachers, students and scholars attended the ceremony together.

        On the following report meeting, the participating scholars shared their research work and scientific research results according to the latest information in their respective research fields, which brought wonderful academic reports to the teachers and students of the College of Energy. And targeting some frontier problems, heated discussion was made among  scholars, students and teachers.


        Nine young scholars invited to the forum are: Ding Lu, the postdoctoral researcher of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. Li Hongyan, the postdoctoral researcher of Northeastern University, USA. Liu Sibao, the postdoctoral researcher of Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, Energy Catalysis Center. Han Lihao, the researcher of California Institute of Technology. Xie Sihuang,  the postdoctoral researcher of University of Wollongong, Australia. Meng Fanlin, the Lecturer of University of Essex, UK. Lin Mingyang, the researcher of Max Planck Institute of Germany - Chemical Energy Conversion Institute. Yan Xiaoyu, the senior lecturer of University of Exeter, UK. Zhou Bowen, the doctor of South China University of Technology.


        Sub-forum of the College of Energy of XMU Nanqiang Young Scholars Forum is not only an important platform for the young talents at home and abroad getting to know about the College of Energy, but also an important window for the College of Energy to show its comprehensive level. it will play a positive role in promoting the construction of ‘Double First-Class’ and interdisciplinary and academic innovation.