Our college invites Vilas Pol, an associate professor of Purdue University, to give a lecture to our students
Time:2018-12-17   Visits:63

During the period of December 13-17, Vilas Pol, an associate professor of Purdue University, was invited to visit our institute and had an in-depth exchange with teachers and students of our institute on the topic of renewable carbon materials and their applications in the field of energy storage. On December 14th afternoon, at A203 conference room in Hemu building, associate professor Vilas Pol gave a lecture in Sustainable Carbons for Energy Storage and the Advanced Carbonaceous Materials for Rechargeable Batteries as Xiamen University Energy BBS 83rd Lecture. Professor Vilas Pol shared his unique ideas and insights in the recycling of biobased carbon materials and waste plastics, he elaborated on his team's research on the preparation of carbon-based functionalized carbon materials from waste plastic products, such as starch waste plastic bags, and the further application of these materials in energy storage devices, such as lithium ion batteries and lithium sulfur batteries, showed the new way of high value recycling of waste plastic products and the application prospect of renewable carbon materials in energy storage field is prospected. The BBS was hosted by professor Zheng Zhifeng from the College of Energy.

        After the end of BBS, professor Vilas Pol had an in-depth exchange and discussion with teachers and students from the Institute of Bioenergy and the Institute of Chemical Energy.

Character card: Vilas Pol, associate professor of school of chemical engineering, Purdue University, Chemistry and materials scientist. 18 years of research experience in the field of chemical engineering and electrochemistry of energy storage materials. He has published more than 150 research papers (H index 41), authorized and applied for 22 American invention patents.