Xiamen Forum on Biomass Frontiers was Held to Discuss Biomass Energy Development Prospects
Time:2018-10-25   Visits:53

On October 19th-22th, 2018, Xiamen Forum on Biomass Frontiers 2018 was held in Xiamen. The forum was hosted by the College of Energy of Xiamen University. Professor Lin Lu was the chairman of the organizing committee, Professor Long Minnan, Professor Xu Feng, etc. were the co-chairman of the conference.

        The forum focused on technologies and progress in biomass conversion and utilization, and attracted nearly 70 representatives from China, the United States, Canada and other countries and regions to participate in this event, including the Royal Society of Canada, Associate Dean of Kyoto University, Editor-in-Chief ordeputy editorof internationally renowned journals and many domestic experts.

The topics of this conference include biomass development strategy strategy, liquid fuel, biomass pyrolysis technology, catalytic conversion technology, biomass-based materials, and microalgae utilization. Nearly 30 well-known experts, includingwell-known scholars in high-level universities and research institutions, from home and abroad have made wonderful reports. At the same time, graduate students, undergraduates and international students from various colleges of Xiamen University attended the meeting.

The conference provided a platform for domestic and foreign scholars to exchange ideas and demonstrate the achievements of scientific and technological innovation of the world's leading edge. Biomass is the only renewable carbon source on the planet. With the changing global energy landscape, the use of biomass has received great attention from governments, the global business community and academia. Biomass energy and materials have gradually replaced fossil resources. Important strategic resources. The convening of this forum has further enhanced China's scientific and technological level in the field of biomass, and strengthened the ability of Chinese scientific research workers to cooperate with scientists from all over the world. The experts at the meeting agreed that the forum was very successful and looked forward to gathering in Xiamen again.