Xiamen university undertook the activated carbon branch of China national forest product industry association and the extended meeting of the standing committee of activated carbon specialty committee of forest chemistry branch of forestry society
Time:2019-01-12   Visits:50

         From January 6 to 8, 2019, the 5th extended meeting of the 2nd standing council of activated carbon branch of China national forest product industry association and the 5th standing committee of the 7th activated carbon professional committee of China national forest chemical branch was successfully held in Xiamen. The conference was organized by Xiamen University. Thirty-two executive directors and members of the standing committee, as well as 109 delegates from Beijing, Shanghai, Ningxia, Chongqing, Guangxi and Hainan, attended the meeting.

         The meeting was co-chaired by professor Liu Shouxin and professor Peng Wanxi. General Secretary Shi Feng and General Secretary Huang Lixin gave guidance to the meeting and put forward guiding opinions and hopes on the development and future work of the activated carbon chapter and the professional committee respectively. Jiang Jianchun made an important introduction on the main work of activated carbon association and activated carbon society in the past year and the future plan to all the representatives. The meeting invited 10 experts and professors to make 10 special reports, and had a full exchange on the production, marketing and scientific research of activated carbon at home and abroad in recent years.

        Since its establishment in 2007, the College of Energy has regarded biomass energy as an important part of the development of the discipline of energy and chemical engineering. This conference has promoted the exchange and cooperation among the college and relevant research institutions, enterprises and institutions, and industry departments, increased the popularity and influence of the college in this field, and had a positive impact on the improvement of the overall scientific research ability and discipline development of energy and chemical engineering discipline of the College of Energy, Xiamen university.