Enrollment propaganda in 2019 winter vacation of college of energy ended with a great success
Time:2019-02-25   Visits:139

        To carry forward the spirit of loving the school, propagate and recommend our university and college’s schooling concepts, absorb the outstanding students from various places’ key high schools to register for Xiamen University, the College of Energy cooperated with school’s related departments to organize students of our college to return to the alma mater in winter vacation. A total of 61 students of college put up posters, handed out the leaflets, carried out enrollment propaganda meeting, held Salons, shared experiences and gave encouraging lectures to introduce the advantages and features of Xiamen University’s teaching and education, admission majors and plans as well as situations of matriculations in the several past years. Finally, they built QQ groups to answer the questions. This activity received a strong response.

The 2018-class undergraduates Mo Wenwen is introducing the Xiamen University to students


        In the meantime, they introduced the history of our college, the environment of campus, the academic honors and admission plan. They especially introduced the college’s talent cultivating plan “Two Plus Two” program and excellent employment situations of undergraduates, encouraging high school’s alumni to register for our college actively. In this activity, our college’s students not only enhanced the sense of honor, deeply felt the pride as a member of College of Energy, but also tied up the connection between our college and various places’ high school students. They made great contributions for boosting the “double  First-class” construction of our college.

Xu Dong is introducing the College of Energy to students

Zhou Yuting is introducing the “Two Plus Two” program to students

The students of Hengshui NO.2 high school are concentrated on listening the publicity.


        In this social practice activity in winter vacation, the 2018-class students planned elaborately and prepared adequately. They shared their own experience of entering university as well as abundant and colorful experience of study and life with students in alma mater. they also improved and tempered themselves, conveying the spirit of school motto “pursue excellence, strive for perfection” as a member of the College of Energy, Xiamen University.