College of Energy has carried out 2018 Science and Technology Museum volunteer activity smoothly
Time:2018-11-22   Visits:35

         In 2018, the College of Energy continued to carry out the volunteer activities in the Science and Technology Museum in accordance with the traditions of previous years. As a brand project of our college, this activity benefits both our students and the museum a lot, and brings our college many praises from other colleges and society. So far , our college has successfully carried out six phases of activities.

        In the early stage, after in-depth learning and detailed discussion, the college and the museum got in touch, prepared well for volunteer recruitment and recruited 45 volunteers from eight colleges at last. Meanwhile, the Volunteers and Psychology Work Department(VPWD) of the College made lots of efforts to overcame the shortcomings in previous years to improve the overall service quality of the volunteers.

        In order to familiarize the volunteers with the museum and the service content before the volunteer service began, on November 3, all the volunteers went to the museum for a half-day training under the leadership of the VPWD. After the training , all of them had high expectations for the activities.

        Then the volunteers were divided into three groups. On November 11th and 18th, respectively, volunteer activities were held smoothly. Everyone was full of enthusiasm for service and work effectively. During the process of working, the volunteers felt the joy of being a volunteer and realized the hardship of the staff of the museum.

         After three weeks, the Science and Technology Museum volunteering activity was successfully completed. Thanks to the strong support of the Xiamen Science and Technology  Museum and the joint efforts of the VPWD, volunteer activity launched this year has won the praise of the volunteers and the museum. Through this activity, the volunteers have helped others and exercised themselves. it’s hoped that every volunteer can have a wondeful and fulfilling experience of volunteering in the Science and Technology Museum.