Students and Teachers of Our College Won Several Prizes in 2018 Science Innovation Competitions
Time:2019-04-10   Visits:132

        On the afternoon of April 2nd, the commendation conference of 2018 year’s innovation competition for undergraduates and Dezhen social class fund award ceremony were held in Science and Arts Center. President Zhang Rong, Vice Secretary of the Discipline Inspection of the university Lai Hongkai, President assistant Zhang Jianlin and Chen Guang, the founder of “Dezhen Social classroom Fund” , Zhu Dezhen, who is a graduate of 1977 class in English department, and other graduates attended the conference and presented prizes to representatives. Lai Hongkai also read the commendation list. A number of teachers and students in our college were recognized for their excellent performance.

        A teacher, Zeng Xianhai, was awarded as the outstanding instructor of the 2018 undergraduate’s science and innovation competition of Xiamen University and excellent instructors in Dezhen Social classroom Fund .

        Pian Qilin and Li Li won the second prize of Xiamen University’s 2018 excellent undergraduate thesis award respectively.

        The project “ammonia fuel technology innovation and patent layout” of You Jiabin’s team , which was instructed by the teacher, Zhang Yaoli; the project “efficient carbon loaded non-noble metal oxide oxygen evolution reaction catalyst development” of Zhang Yaojie’s team, which was instructed by the teacher Zhou Yao; the project “research of the preparation of inorganic hole-transporting materials for the perovskite solar cells”of Xia Jingxian’s team, which was instructed by the teacher Yun Daqin and the project “high-performance lithium-sulfur battery electrode materials research and development” of Nie Rui and Xiong Xingyu, which was instructed by the teacher Li Juntao, were all selected as outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the third annual conference.

        Especially, Nie Rui and Xiong Xingyu’s project was also awarded as “the most creative project”.

        The College of Energy will continue developing innovation practice and make more progress in science and technology in the future.