New year party of the College of Energy in 2019 was held successfully
Time:2019-01-01   Visits:32

        At 19:30 on December 29, 2018,the New Year's party of energy college was grandly held at the student activity center B207.Li Ning, dean of the College of Energy, Sun Ziguang, college party secretary, Sun Jia, college vice party secretary , Zhou Yao, secretary of the communist youth league, Gong Shufeng, counselor, Huang Shiyu, and presidents of the graduate student unions of different colleges on the Xiang 'an campus attended the gala hosted by Gao Yuan, Li Yuyu, Liu Qian and Zhang Junbo.

        After best wishes sent through video and with an exciting opening show performed by a band,Li ning, dean of the College of Energy gave the new year speech, shared a video brought from ZhengHe island energy tribe, and made an in-depth analysis of the future development prospects of new energy. Then, Liu Xiao Yun and other students brought the romantic songs showing different sceneries in their eyes. In a cross talk, Studying Hard, by Hou Zhizhuo, Liang Tenghe, and Zhang Xiaolong, humorous jokes and brilliant dialogue made the audience burst into laughing. The guitar performance given by Chen Jun and Zhou Zhe was “The Meaning of Travel”. The recitation of poems brought by the students’ union of the College of Energy and the Graduate Association, We have gone through these years together, recited the great achievements made by our country in the past 40 years of reform and opening up with sonorous words and expressed the love for the College of Energy.   

        Subsequently, Dean Li Ning and Secretary Sun Ziguang presented awards of “5 moved Energy figures” to Deng Li, a 2017 doctoral graduate student, Mu Yongshuai, a 2016 graduate student, and Liang Tenghe, a 2017 graduate student, Xia Jingxian, an undergraduate of Grade 2015, and Yang Chaochao, an undergraduate of Grade 2016, those who were willing to help others in need. New Year's party ended successfully, and we hope that the College of Energy can achieve greater success next year.