Our college held an education conference on learning safety and health
Time:2018-12-29   Visits:32

In order to enhance the safety awareness of all teachers and students, our college held a conference on safety and health learning and education of laboratory and studio at noon on 28th, in A211 A204 lecture hall of Hemu building. Deputy secretary of the party committee Sun jia, laboratory safety teacher Dong Shigang, secretary of the communist youth league Gong Dhufeng,  Nanqiang property Xiang 'an campus property manager Xiang Feng made a report related with safety and health and other aspects of the situation at the meeting. They made a detailed analysis on the safety of our laboratory and studio, and put forward relevant requirements and corrective measures. All the graduate students and teachers related attended the conference.

Teacher Sun Jia pointed out that the laboratory accident at Beijing Jiaotong university had alerted us to learn a lesson from the accident. She put forward suggestions and requirements to the graduate students attending the conference on the table arrangement of the items in the students' studio. She also stressed the importance of habits of garbage classification, and advocated that student party members should take active actions.         

Dong shigang, made an in-depth analysis of the laboratory safety accidents of Beijing Jiaotong University, combined with the laboratory safety accidents occurring at home and abroad, and summarized that the accidents were often caused by the improper operation of laboratory personnel and their weak safety awareness.

The manager of Campus property department Xiang Feng explain the common sense of the classification of household waste. He explained the classification standard of household garbage, the identification of garbage classification bucket, and actively promoted the knowledge of garbage classification.

Gong shufeng analyzed the current problems of the student studio one by one and explained the health system, safety system and other systems.