The College of Energy brings new energy knowledge popularization curriculum "Energy makes future come true" , into Dadeng central primary school
Time:2018-11-22   Visits:36

        At 3:00 PM on November 22, the Energy makes future come true  volunteer service team of the College of Energy came to Dadeng central primary school, Xiang 'an district again, to carry out the “Energy makes future come true” -- new energy knowledge popularization series courses in the fifth grade No.1 class. The student volunteers introduced to the students the serious environmental problems that the massive burning of fossil energy is bringing to our lives. In addition, by comparing with the traditional energy, they explained the advantages of various new energy sources and the current situation.

        The popularization of volunteer service project aims to promote the development of ecological civilization by teaching children new energy knowledge and promoting new energy technology. At present, Dadeng central primary school has taken the new energy knowledge popularization series curriculum as the school's school-based curriculum, and also installed on the campus of the solar panels, biomass house.

        Energy makes future come true  volunteer service team introduced innovative STEM education method and after two years of independent research and development they developed Energy makes future come true -- applicable teaching material for the popularization of new energy knowledge and the supporting experimental packages. The teaching material including solar energy, wind energy, ocean energy, nuclear energy and biomass energy five topics, makes use of four-in-one teaching mode which means to integrate theoretical teaching, experimental operation, family practice and community visiting, in order to let the children to experience the application of new energy in life, cultivating their concept of energy and the consciousness of energy saving.

        At present, the Energy makes future come true  project has been launched in the primary school, Xiang 'an area, and maintain a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with the Xiamen science and technology museum, Dadeng central primary school, Nei cuo primary school, Dongyuan primary school.It is reported that in the next stage, the team will further develop and enrich the course content, expand the service scope and carry out public service entrepreneurship.