Yang Ruizhi, Deputy Dean of the College of Energy, Suzhou University Visited Our College
Time:2018-11-23   Visits:23

        On the morning of November 23, 2018, Yang ruizhi, deputy dean and distinguished professor of the College of Energy of Suzhou University visited our school, accompanied by Dai Xiao, deputy dean, Sha Dandan, deputy secretary of the party secretaries, Feng lai, distinguished professor, Wu Shifeng, deputy director of the Department of Energy and Power Engineering, Jin Chengchang, researcher, and Li xiaowei, associate researcher. Professor Wang zhaolin, deputy dean of our college, Sun Jia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College and other teachers of our college participated in this symposium, and conducted a serious and comprehensive exchange and discussion on the cultivation of undergraduates.

        At the beginning of the symposium, Sun Jia extended a warm welcome to vice Dean Yang Ruizhi and her delegation. Professor Wang Zhaolin introduced our school's history, discipline characteristics, the orientation of research and development and other contents in detail, and emphatically introduced the clean energy science and engineering platform that relies on the key construction of the 985 project, as well as the technical work carried out by various research institutes, achievements obtained and future development goals. Wang pointed out that every college should have its own famous major and truly have its own identity label.

        In view of the problem of undergraduate cultivation, Mr. Wang introduced the undergraduate cultivation plan of our college to all the teachers present here, emphatically explained the problem of curriculum setting, and put forward his own views on the cultivation of teachers and students. In terms of teacher training, Mr. Wang believed that as a qualified teacher, one should first have the love for the country and people, and should be more concerned about the actual benefits of our nationals. The college should encourage teachers to take more responsibility and prevent the negative philosophy of doing more and losing more. In the aspect of training student, Wang pointed out that the students should pay attention to learning and know the essence of the knowledge, abandon the delicate selfish feelings to pay attention to their dreams, and thus serve the people for the society transformation. Then they can truly become an ambitious and great person.

        Yang Ruizhi, deputy dean, said that the College of Energy, Xiamen University has conducted in-depth research on new energy and achieved representative and demonstrative results. The results are encouraging and the future is more promising. In the future, the two Chambers may have more exchanges and discussions to seek cooperation opportunities, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and work together to provide high-quality talents for the development of the nation.