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Designing idea

The emblem of College of Energy uses “E” - the beginning letter of the word “Energy” - as the major design elements and transforms it into a bird spreading its wings and flying up, which applies the idea of soaring energy; while it is also designed to be a hand strongly supporting the ball of energy, indicating the theme of “renewable energy development and efficient utilization of energy”. Overall, the emblem also constitutes a person to show the integration of resource and talents, as well as the development of both the College and our people. (Blue CMYK value: C97%,M71%,Y17%,K3%)

On the flag of College of Energy, there are yellow or white words on the blue background. Blue is the key color of our college (which is in accordance with the College Emblem and represents the research institutes, nuclear energy, wind energy, electricity, energy efficiency engineering and other clean energies), yellow is the warm-toned color which is the symbol of solar energy and bio-energy; while white color can be very prominent on the blue background.