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Introduction to School of Energy Research

The School of Energy Research at Xiamen University (SER-XMU) was founded in September 2007. The goal of SER-XMU is to become the nation’s first-rate new energy technology base for education, R&D, and technology transfer by integrating the existing resources as well as recruiting the new talents. It is oriented to make great contributions to the local economy for the west coast of Taiwan Strait and to help meet the increasing energy demands in China.

SER-XMU is consisted of 6 institutes and centers: the Institute for Advanced Nuclear Energy, the Institute for Chemical Energy, the Institute for Bio-energy, the Institute for Solar Energy, the Institute for Energy Efficiency Engineering and the Center for Energy Economics Research. SER-XMU has integrated a group of high level experts including three members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one Cheung Kong Scholar, three of the winners of the China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, and over 30 professors. SER-XMU has 5 Ph.D. programs in nuclear engineering and materials, chemical engineering for energy, photovoltaic engineering, energy efficiency engineering and energy economics, respectively.

Through intensive talent introduction and training within the next 3 to 5 years, SER-XMU will build up a crop of high caliber researchers and engineering experts in the fields of clean chemical energy, nuclear energy, solar and wind energy, bio energy, energy economics, and energy efficiency engineering etc, dedicated to high quality R&D in energy sciences and technologies. SER-XMU will become a first-class base for new energy technology development and a base for industrialization demonstration, supporting sustainable energy development in China.

To experts, scholars, industrial and business specialists from around the world who are interested in the development and utilization of new energy technologies, we welcome your joining us or collaborating with us.