2017 Graduation Ceremony of COLLEGE Of ENERGY-XMU
Time:2017-06-09   Visits:20

On the afternoon of June 8th, 2017 Graduation Ceremony of COLLEGE Of ENERGY-XMU was held in DEWANG library lecture hall. College leadership, the fresh graduates, and some family member of students attended the ceremony. Deputy secretary of Energy College of XMU University Miao Huifang presided over the ceremony.


The ceremony began with a short video, everyone in the hall was moved by the four year memory of fresh graduates showed in the video.The Dean Li Ning made a speech first, which expressed his encouragement and blessing to the fresh graduates.Then the teachers’ representative Zeng Xianhai steps up to the podium. After that, students Yao Xiaoyu and Dai Jianhui talked about their gratitude to college and hope about future. The family member representative and alumna Ms. Chen told us that graduation is a tour away from home.


Next, Professor Lin Lu announced the list of fresh graduates and Vice President of the college Guo Qixun announced the excellent ones.The ceremony ended up with a song named Go on gain which contained the four year college life of the fresh graduates.


This was the first graduation ceremony of the COLLEGE Of ENERGY-XMU and this year is the tenth birthday of our college. We all firmly believed that our college could be better in next ten years.