Get close to Yuhua and have a seminar about 'Living' --a record of the 43th energy forum in XMU College of Energy
Time:2016-10-30   Visits:66

Organized by Academic Department of Energy College, the 43th Energy Forum was held at 19:30 on October 27, 2016 in Hemu building, room A221. This forum was aimed at discussions on Yuhua’s feature of writing and the implication deeply hidden in his works.

The forum was hosted by Liao Chenlei, and the speaker was Qiu Dekun. After a brief but humorous recapitulation of Yuhua, a controversial figure in the literary world, Qiu displayed the main content of his speech which had three parts. They included an overview of Yuhua, the novel ‘Living’ and analyses of some kindred works.


In the part of overview, changes in Yu’s works highlighted in different periods was summarily analyzed, Qiu also introduced the turning points of Yu’s life and Yu’s writing style. He emphasized that there is an amazing resemblance between the two turning points and it’s reasonable to believe they are identical. It started with a writing style using absolutely bloody and violence words but ended in a way that mixed some tender feelings in inexorability. This significant change reflected Yu’s deep comprehension about life. The following section was an introduction to the story of ‘Living’. While comparing ‘Living’ with ‘Brothers’, a novel of Yu written in the period when ‘Living’ was finished, Qiu summarized the tragedy that happened on Fugui, the hero of ‘Living’, whose family fell to their death one by one. He points out that in ‘Brothers’, Yu used a technique hammering at the important article parts for emphasis. But in ‘Living’, Yu used more succinct words, and the difference caused by different techniques was thoroughly explained by Qiu. In the end, Qui summarized some stories of Yu’s novel, and he shared his own feelings after reading them.

While showing some paragraphs from 'Living' to audiences after his address, Qiu kindly and tastefully shared his own opinions. Finally, the forum ended in a satisfactory way with a pleasant atmosphere.