Let's Talk about Nuclear Energy- The Forty-Second Energy Forum
Time:2016-10-24   Visits:10

    On October 21st 2016 in HeMu building, the forty-second Energy Forum was held by Academic Apartment in order to offer our students a platform to learn about what is nuclear energy and what is college life supposed to be.

    During the forum, we were honored to have Doctor Yechao as our lecturer and his humorous language really impressed us a lot. After Ye’s brief self-introduction, the forum began. There were mainly three parts of the forum: college life, suggestion and nuclear energy.

    When it came to college life, Ye concluded it into three model. They were academic performance model, extracurricular activities model and the model of doing what you like. Anyway, whatever model you chose you would get paid in different ways. Then, according to his own experiences, Ye suggested that we college students ought to join more student activities and work to recharge ourselves and never got failed on our subjects. At last, Ye introduced the practical application of nuclear materials and fusion reactor to finish his lecture.

    Thanks for Doctor Ye’s brilliant lecture and let’s looking forward to the next Energy Forum.