Vice Dean of Henan Academy of Sciences Prof. Lei Tingzhou visited XMU
Time:2017-04-24   Visits:101

    Vice dean of Henan academy of sciences and XMU adjunct Prof. Lei Tingzhou visited XMU on April 14th to 15th. He gave the 818th Nanqiang academic lecture on the theme of current situation and trend of biomass energy in China, which was hosted by vice Dean of our college Prof. Guo Qixun. All the teachers, graduate students and part of undergraduates of College of Energy attended the lecture. Prof. Lin Lu awarded Prof. Lei the souvenir medal.


    In his speech, Prof. Lei introduced the history and present situation of biomass energy, as well as summarizing the developing focus and key technologies in next decade. The present teachers and students showed great interest and took an active part in the discussion with Prof. Lei about several hot issues of biomass energy.

    Biomass is the only renewable carbon resources, which can provide all kinds of energy. Exploiting and utilizing biomass energy is the important content of energy production and consumption revolution, as well as the important task of environmental improvement and circular economy. To give full play of the characteristics of biomass resources, it’s better to adjust measures to local conditions, distribute appropriately and advance integrated utilization of biomass. Accelerating the pace of biomass industry is the primary means of improving the energy structure of China and the vital ways of solving waste disposal problems.