College of Energy successfully held the sub-forum of Xiamen University Youth Scholar Forum.
Time:2017-04-15   Visits:10

    From April 8th to 10th, our university convened 1st Xiamen University Youth Scholar Forum.

    In April 10th, College of Energy successfully held the sub-forum. Dr. Lu Chenyang from the University of Michigan came to College of Energy for in-depth exchange. In the morning, Dr Lu Chenyang delivered a lecture entitled with “Search for Radiation Resistance Materials: Two Designing Roadmaps”, later Dr. Lu discussed and exchanged views with the teachers and students present. Then Dr. Lu visited the Nuclear Energy Institute and communicated with the faculties from Nuclear Energy Institute in the afternoon.


    Xiamen University Youth Scholar Forum mainly focused on gathering together those up-and-coming youth scholars with great innovation ability and vast potential developing strength. In the interdisciplinary and discipline innovative sense, XMU offer an opportunity for them to exchange and discuss their knowledge in field of cutting-edge technology and hot issues. Create a deeper understanding of each other and develop a stronger bond between XMU and those youth scholars.