The leader of project “Two Plus Two” Dr. Stephen from the University of Birmingham visited our college
Time:2017-04-11   Visits:10

    To promote the project “Two Plus Two” between our school and the University of Birmingham and to improve the international talents training, we met the Dr. Stephen and Ms. Nina led by Adjunct Professor Yao Jun of our college on the morning of April 7th.

    First Dr. Stephen and Ms. Nina had a discussion with Dean Li Ning and teacher Xie Yanan about the cooperation of our college and the University of Birmingham, including the project “Two Plus Two” and project “Three Plus One”, project “One Plus One” in nearly future.

    Then Dr. Stephen and Ms. Nina interviewed three students who signed up the project. After that, they introduced in detail of the project, and they answered the questions raised by participants.

    The University of Birmingham is located in the British second biggest city Birmingham. The university which is founded in 1825 is very famous in the worldwide because of the excellent level of education and research. It was the No.82 in the 2016 to 2017 QS World University Rankings.


    We signed an agreement about the “Two Plus Two” project with the University of Birmingham in 2015 and the next year we had three great students who went abroad. Besides, we signed an agreement with National Tsing Hua University to build up an international platform for the students.