The Successful Holding of Workshop On “Double First-rate” development (Session of College of Energy)
Time:2017-03-23   Visits:10

    On the morning of March 21, 2017, the workshop on “Double First-rate” development (Session of College of Energy) was held in the 215 Conference Room of SongEn Building. The headmaster Zhu Chongshi, the vice president Yang Bin, Wu Daguang, and Ye Shiman, the head of the various department of our university, Dean of COE Li Ning, Secretary of Party Committee Sun Ziguang and directors of each institute attended the meeting.

    Li Ning firstly carried out COE "Double First-Rate" construction work report. This paper introduces the development status of the college from the aspects of the subject foundation, the situation of teachers, the level of R & D team, the situation of scientific research facilities, the platform foundation, the grade achievement, the students' training and the internationalization process. Then, from the importance of energy revolution, the strategic needs of national energy security, the advantages of Fujian Province, etc., Li Ning elaborated COE and energy science development opportunities. Li Ning provides a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and gaps of the College and puts forward the positioning of COE: Finally, Li Ning objectively puts forward the existing problems and corresponding countermeasures.

    Afterwards, the participants of COE made comments and suggestions towards the university leaders and got the appropriate response and answers.

    Finally, President Zhu Chongshi affirmed the development of COE and summed up the instructions as following: 1. COE should take not having a discipline as advantage and there is no burden and restrictions. Other disciplines and colleges can cooperate in the cross-integration of the discipline. 2. Clean energy is the most international energy and is the world's common concern theme. It’s easiest to find international vocals, so COE should give full play to the advantages of internationalization. 3.We are fully in favor of industry-business-research combination. Now the whole university had the same understanding, and engineering development law requires practice, not only studying (including the school laboratory) in the study, but also entering the community and production. 4. We should not only "roll up our sleeves to work harder", but also "bend the body to make concerted efforts for implementation". The university will also fully support the development of COE and his disciplines, continue to adhere to reform and innovation, training more social needs of first-class talent.