Three Masters Share Experiences With Students—— the 66th Energy Forum
Time:2017-12-29   Visits:10

On 20th December, in order to enhance the mutual understanding between masters and undergraduates and help undergraduates learn more about the energy, three masters named Xinxin Wang, Yijia Guo and Kai Le came to the forum to communicate with juniors.

First, they gave a brief introduction about themselves, hostess Hong Si began to ask them questions selected from undergraduates' interest prepared ahead of time. They talked humorously about why they chose to major in the new energy, how to prepare well for the postgraduate entrance exam and showed their future plans.

Next, they shared personal experiences in college. Le suggested that improving reading, practicing skills and doing more scientific research are beneficial for college students. Guo stressed the importance of study and advised everyone to make a specific plan for the future. Wang emphasized speech and debate skills really do well to college students due to his experience of applying for the job and holding students' activities.

Then, participants on the spot asked questions freely about learning, holding activities, applying for the job and joining the innovation project.

Eventually, the forum ended with thunderous applause. Wish college students gain a lot from three seniors and wish everyone will work harder and develop roundly to achieve dreams.