Energy dominance determines national development——the 64th Energy Forum
Time:2017-12-15   Visits:10

At 7:30 p.m. on December 12, the 64th Energy Forum, which is organized by the Academic Department of our college, was held at Room A221 in HeMu building. In this forum, the Academic Department invited Professor Wang Zhaolin of Institute for Energy Efficiency Engineering, Vice President of our college, to give students a lecture. This forum attracted many students to come to participate in and the host was Academic officer Guo Yingchu. The contents of the forum are divided into two parts. The first part is the focus of this forum, whose theme is "the relationship between development level and energy distribution rights". "Ammonia energy and its related power and thermal systems" is the second part's theme.

At the first part, Professor Wang Zhaolin analyze the data and compare them scientifically according to charts of population density, population, energy dominance, life expectancy of different countries firstly. He put forward that the distribution of the country's developed population has nothing to do with the so-called racial superiority. Meanwhile, Professor Wang combines the recent history of India, the former Soviet Union, Russia and Libya and tells us stories in a funny and humorous language. He also asks students questions from history constantly to keep the students' minds up and down to interpret the proposition that nation's development level has a lot to do with energy distribution rights.

At the second part, combined with his own story, Professor Wang Zhaolin tells students the reasons why he chose to back home to study ammonia energy. Then he introduce the development status of ammonia energy briefly and put forward his own views combined with national situation and policy. Students listened carefully and learned a lot. We all look forward to Mr. Wang's next lecture.