The 62nd Energy Forum: Talking on nuclear power; Sharing something in life
Time:2017-12-07   Visits:10

    On December 5th 2017, the 62th Energy Forum was held in HeMu building room A221 at 7:30pm. We were honored to invite Professor Yaoli Zhang to act as the lecturer. Professor Zhang focused on three parts to carry out his speech: Small sea nuclear reactor, Prospects for the development of nuclear energy, Personal research experiences.


First, Professor Zhang briefly introduced the small sea nuclear reactor. From what he said we knew that the small sea nuclear reactor is widely applied and much safer than other reactors. It can last longer than the nuclear reactor in land and can be moved according to different needs. It was developed combining the mature offshore drilling platform and PWR Technology and has passed a series of safety tests. Next, Professor Zhang shared his research experiences in the USA. His humorous words made us laugh happily and learn a large amount of useful information. Last, the forum ended in cheers.