Knowledge returns the society, technology changes the world— Research team of our college went to Duke Kunshan University for study
Time:2017-07-19   Visits:10

        The hot summer can’t stop our enthusiasm and persistence for professional study and experiment research. Under the strong support and encourage of leaders in the college, our college organized 9 teams to take part in the summer research. Trough strict application and screening, “Hualong researching team” successfully enter the Energy Researching Plan for the Youth in 2017, which is also the third time our college enter the Energy Researching. In July 17, the team was invited to Duke Kunshan University to take part in the training meeting. After seven hours’ journey, the team arrived safely and participated in the welcome party held by Duke University and “EO Journey for the Youth”. In the party, the director of environmental project in Duke University Zhang Junjie expressed the welcome to all the five teams passed the application and made brief introduction of special educational projects in Duke University. The training session started in the next morning. Keith Dear and Zhang Junjie gave two English lectures in statistics and energy economy. The students listened attentively and asked questions positively. After the lunch, there was three lectures including Research Design, Protection for tested human, Writing and Speech. During the training process, adequate communication between students and teachers improved the researching ability. After dinner, our team had a deep discussion in the technology integration, supply chain management, the whole life cycle management and made a detailed division and clarification of the next research trip, plan and anticipated research results. After several hours’ discussion, “Hualong” team finished the preparation work and completed the report in 19th, July.Although the training would finish, our students would apply the acquired knowledge in the practice and to benefit society.