An exchange meeting with students who participated the Birmingham "2 +2" project——the 59th Energy Forum
Time:2017-07-18   Visits:10

The 57th Energy Forum was held on July 17 at 7:30 pm. The forum specifically invited three students who participated in the Birmingham "2 +2" exchange program - Yang Linlin, Wu Jingye and Fang Ning to share their experiences in studying and living in the UK with their classmates.


First, Yang Linlin compared the teaching characteristics of Universities at home and abroad to let students know more about the similarities and differences between domestic and international study. Second, Wu Jingye shared some experience about IELTS and entertainment and recommended a lot of English learning APP and websites to students; Finally, Fang Ning clearly showed the approximate cost of studying in the UK by chart. At the end of the forum, the students raised questions actively and they all patiently answered.