The Forty-Ninth Energy Forum---Develop PV technology for a better Xiamen
Time:2016-12-26   Visits:109

On December 22nd 2016 in HeMu building, the forty-ninth Energy Forum was held by Academic Apartment, which was given by Professor Chen Chao. This forum aimed at giving an introduction of photovoltaic power generation, and the lecture were divided into 4 parts: the necessity of the development of PV, how does a PV system works and its merits and demerits, the photovoltaic industry in Xiamen, finally the applications and public policies of PV.


Professor Chen first gave a brief introduction of the usage of energy worldwide then analyzed the environmental pollution and energy consumption in Xiamen. Although Xiamen maintained a high growth rate in terms of GDP, the city was saddled with several environmental problems like haze, red tide, which took a heavy toll on the urban landscape. So, what solutions do we have? Professor Chen pointed out that to settled the issues, we needed to double down on the development of photovoltaic power technology.

Solar energy is one of the alternative renewable energy resources and is preferred because of its long life time and high energy density. It is the ultimate energy source of any living organisms. Professor Chen then explained the operational principle of the PV system and showed us how does it work by using the solar cell he brought. All the students were interested and said they had learned a lot. As for the photovoltaic industry, Professor Chen introduced the whole manufacturing chain and different materials used in production process. In the end, he posted further explanations about the public policies for household PV system.


When the lecture was over, the students raised their questions actively and Professor addressed questions and clarified doubts one by one, which drew to a successful conclusion of the Forum.

(Liao Chenlei)