Energy power and our environment - the 48th Energy Forum
Time:2016-12-15   Visits:112

    On the evening of December 14 in Hemu building, teacher Li Shuirong was invited by Academic Department to give students a lecture about energy using and environment condition. Besides, Li shared his own experience and views with students.


    Li began the lecture with a figure of YIN and YANG which represented energy power and environment. In his opinion, energy using and environment changing have their own period, like the growth of a butterfly. After that, Li took the British and USA as examples to make us understand that it’s urgent to control the pollution and pay more attention to the environment, since many people in developing country suffer a lot now.


    As for new energy power, Li said that only biomass power can take place of fossil fuel. And in rural areas, people can get biomass energy much more conveniently.

Then Li talked about his research of Nitrogen oxides, he said frankly that he got the views in his college. Now Li works in catalyst and this kind of research has already made much progress in speeding up the reaction of industrial production. We sincerely wish his success.


    After the lecture, Li communicated with students, and he hoped that he can have more chance to learn with students.


(Liao Chenlei)