Powerful youth shown at the XMU 52nd sports meeting
Time:2017-11-14   Visits:35

Last autumn, the 52th sports meet of XMU was successfully held in Xiang’an campus. The College of Energy won the seventh place for undergraduates and the third place for graduates, which made the College of Energy rank the fifth. Besides, graduates got a trophy for our college, for which we call ourselves infinite energy man.

Our college has attached great importance to the sports meet since we signed up for it. On one hand, the college students’ union made effort in making plans and helping the participants train for it. On the other hand, our college leaders paid much attention to athletes and prepared many caffeine arts for them. Then our athletes took out one hundred percent enthusiasm and effort to contribute their own power for our college.



In the morning of 11th of November, the College of Energy started working hard to get our own honor. As a proverb says, “God rewards those who work hard”, our athletes got such excellent performance that came from our sweat and sore.

What’s more, we cannot get a victory without anyone of College of Energy, so “thank you” gives to everyone who have made effort and devoted to the meet.

This sports meet not only tested our bodies but also our spirits, every one of us chased his dream. In all, just because the sports meet, can we got together and fight for our own college. We will go on, and we know youth no regret!