Dai Yande, director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, visited our college
Time:2017-09-18   Visits:65

On September 15th 2017, the National Energy Research Institute deputy director Dai Yande visited the College of Energy with Institute of energy research director of the Foreign Affairs Office Sun Leihong, director of the center for sustainable energy development Kang Yanbing, renewable energy development center researcher Ren Dongming, deputy director of the center for energy efficiency researcher Xiong Huawen and other personnel.Li Ning, dean of our college, vice director Guo Qixun, director of each research institutes launched a serious and comprehensive discussion on several issues with Dai Yande and his colleagues.

Dean Li Ning expressed a warm welcome to director Dai Yande, introduced the school-running history in detail, subject characteristics, technical work in research institute and future development goals of Energy College. In addition, the construction of promoting energy science and engineering department in the development planning, the progress of energy and graphene innovation platform in the "double top" construction. Energy Engineering Research Institute director Zhao Yingru did a detailed report about being carrying out energy efficiency research and integrated energy system planning work to Dai Yande. Dai listened carefully to the introduction and highly appreciated the way of running the school. He pointed that energy institute of Xiamen University set clean low-carbon new energy as the starting point and goal of the research work and teaching, which is different from the domestic energy Institute of traditional colleges and universities. It has distinctive characteristics, is the representative of "Future Energy Institute". Director Dai Yande pointed out that the trend of nuclear power, renewable energy and energy efficiency represents the global energy development, Xiamen University Energy Institute has in-depth researches on these three aspects, and obtains representative achievements and displays the results, the performance is exciting, the future can be more promising.

Director Dai Yande introduced the organizational structure of the national energy research ,the research center of the work being carried out, and launched a discussion related to a global perspective Chinese energy transformation and revolution, energy efficiency improving, energy saving and low carbon development of nuclear power , renewable energy development, development goals and strategies and a series of problems.

Director Dai Yande proposed, the National Energy Research Institute is China's energy policy "national team", the "think tank" of national development and reform commission and Energy Bureau. Based on the research of the Xiamen University energy science and technology innovation achievements and key development plan, he would make recommendations to the Prime Minister about Xiamen University into one of the four countries "energy innovation system", so the two sides have a solid foundation for cooperation and carry out cooperation in cultivate teachers, interaction, joint research projects and so on. Dean Li Ning fully agreed with the Dai Yande director's proposal and discussed the specific issues of cooperation. The two sides had set up a cooperation plan, and provided the conditions for the next specific cooperation.

At the end of the visit, director Dai Yande visited the formation of the Fujian new energy industry alliance and YQSPACE new energy public record platform which are led formation by Energy College, and fully affirmed the important role of the alliance between new energy production, learning , research, the government, and praised the new YQSPACE energy public record platform for innovative technology driven new energy innovation mode.

Energy Research Institute and a number of international institutions and multilateral international organizations, such as the International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank (WB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the global environment fund (GEF) has good relationship with; good cooperation research and energy research institutions in the United States, European Union, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India and other countries; a long-term cooperative relationship with the United States Energy Research Foundation, Shell foundation and other private organizations in the world.

In recent years, the Energy Research Institute has carried out many pioneering and valuable research work on the hotspots and key issues in China and the international energy field, contributed many research results to China and the international community. According to the business direction and task, the Energy Research Institute has 5 specialized research centers, CDM project management center, scientific research and international cooperation agency. At present, there are nearly 70 researchers, of which 44 are senior researchers. Besides, China's only comprehensive energy publication is "China energy" magazine and two subsidiary units of Beijing new energy Technology Development Company, a new energy technology research and development company.