The opening ceremony for the 2017 freshmen of College of Energy is held
Time:2017-09-12   Visits:44

At 900 on the morning of September 11th, The opening ceremony of the 2017 freshmen of College of Energy is solemnly held at the room A221, He Mu building. Dean of College of Energy Li Ning, party secretary Sun Ziguang, vice president Lin Lu, vice president Guo Qixun, deputy party secretary Miao Huifang, undergraduate tutor representative, secretary of the youth league committee Gong Shufeng, instructor Huang Shiyu, 56 undergraduate students of 2017 and 61 graduate students attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Miao Huifang, deputy secretary of the Party committee.

The ceremony starts with two brief introduction videos. It shows the general situation of our college, the five directions of the institute, subject orientation and the faculty strength, and the abundant student work achievements in our college. Then all the members stood up and sang the national anthem, and the opening ceremony began.

First of all, Dean Li Ning, on behalf of the college of energy, expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to the arrival of the 2017 freshmen. Later from the two aspects of ability and foundation, willingness and interest, Dean Li Ning discussed the basis our college can provide and the conditions that our college wishes the freshmen could have. First is the ability of our college and the foundation for students. Our energy project is a prospective subject of Xiamen University, and a research and expansion project based on application. The project of energy science and engineering is a key research direction of Xiamen University that led by the college of energy, joint with college of chemical and college of material, has the strength to hit the top of the world in the future. Therefore, as the main force of the project research, our college students should learn both horizontally and vertically: widening horizons, learning knowledge in different fields and combining them with application; taking root in the field of science and technology, with the spirit of studying and striving for self-improvement. He hopes that the freshmen could plan for future learning and life, constantly adjust in the adaptation stage, focus on time and energy, and devote themselves to the development and construction of the country, to realize their life value.

Subsequently, Miao Huifang, introduced the teaching and training mode of the College of energy and the basic situation of the students' work for the freshmen. Based on the characteristic “small” of our college, Miao analyzed the reason why our college could realize the systematical training. In addition, the perfect loan and award system of our college and all kinds of international talents education platform of the long-term and short-term, can further promote students in scientific research study to move forward. Then, Miao introduced the situation of one hundred percent employment for the first batch undergraduates of our college this year, and hundred percent and high level employment for the previous graduates. In addition, Miao introduced the characteristic student work and student cadre training platform in our college, and put forward many advices and suggestions for freshmen to have more communication, more respect, more thinking and more extracurricular activities.

Then, the vice president of our college, Lin Lu, introduced the training of graduate students in our college. The first is the professional setting of graduate students in our college. After 2013, there are five disciplines including material engineering, energy chemical engineering and photovoltaic engineering. Subsequently, Mr. Lin introduced the enrollment situation of master and doctoral candidates in our college over the years, and the situation of Postgraduates' published papers and public training abroad. Since the energy research institute established, it expanded systematically, and the number of enrollment has been increasing. The number and quality of postgraduate papers is also increasing year by year, and the number of public schools and joint training is increasing gradually.

Then, the representative of veterans Zheng Shisheng gave a speech; he firstly expressed welcome and greetings to the new students on behalf of veterans. Then, he recalled his joy and tension when entering to university many years ago, just like the freshmen at present. Along the way, what the largest feeling is that learning is the real tool of expanding our territory. The college of energy is small, but the spiritual power of the members of college of energy could not be underestimated. He hopes that the new students can be integrated into the spirit of energy, and try to do the following three points: the first one is self-cultivation,establishing the correct views,developing the interpersonal relationships, and cherishing the roommate friendship; secondly, starting from the reality, there are a lot of choices in the university, but do not blindly follow others, conscientiously do a good job of your choice; thirdly, uniting the knowledge and action, putting the theory into action and practice, rather than empty talk.

Finally, Zhu Xingyi, the representative of the 2017 grade graduate students, delivered a speech. She reviewed the bits and pieces in the college of energy left by her undergraduate course in the past four years, and today, as a new student of the Energy Research Institute, she will continue to open the world on this land. She wants students to be able to learn steadfastly, to pursue truth, and to cultivate a noble personality. The road of scientific research is not smooth, but the travelers who made the choice must have the determination and courage to hang cloud sails to the sea.


After the speech, all the members stood up once again, sang and played Xiamen University song, and then the teacher leadership and all freshmen of college took a group photo in front of the He Mu building, the new story of our college began.