The Representatives of our college pay a visit to Fuqing Nuclear Power Corporation
Time:2017-07-31   Visits:29

    The representatives of our college attended The Second Summer Camp of College Students held by Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant from July 24 to 28 in response to their warm invitation. Thanks to the activity, our students were able to gain a further understanding of nuclear power enterprises and nuclear power industry, at the same time it also enhanced the connection between our college and nuclear power companies.


    Leading by professor Dong ShiGang, five sophomores Guan LingXiang, He ShiWei, Lv XinYue, Wu DeHong and Wang ZhongHua made up delegacy of XMU. Through the summer camp, they got the chance to face to face with academician and attended many other kinds of activities such as the report of the development of China Nuclear Power Industry and career counselling and so on. All of this activities made our students noticed that the current opportunities and challenges in nuclear power industry.


    We are really appreciating this precious chance offered by The China National Nuclear Power Corporation and The Fuqing Nuclear Power Corporation. Thanks for their support and we are here to offer our sincerest appreciation to them.