Dean of college Ning Li Gave a Lecture for the 45th Energy Forum: A Free Talk of The Situation and Strategy of China’s Future Energy
Time:2016-11-18   Visits:137

At 19:30 on Nov.16th, a lecture entitled with “The Situation and Strategy of China’s Future Energy” was given by Dean of college Ning Li for the 45th energy forum at Room A221 in HeMu building. The freshmen and the new graduate students participated actively. Dean Ning Li gave lectures to the new students every year which embodies that our college attaches great importance to the education of specialized knowledge, which becomes the tradition and the brand characteristics of the energy forum. And Dean’s lecture aims also at deepen the new students’ understanding of the situation and strategy of china’s future energy and indicates their future research direction at the beginning of university life.


Dean Li introduced the present energy situation and development of China and other countries with his profound knowledge and abundant insight. He communicated with students and shared personal opinions. Due to his humor, the atmosphere of forum was relaxing and harmonious. The lecture was separated into several parts: history of the world’s energy development, comparisons of the usage situation among China and other countries, China's future development strategy and brief introductions of each research topic of our college.

Dean Li started the lecture with history, he pointed out that from the first industrial revolution in Britain-the invention of the steam engine, to the second industrial revolution in the United States-oil’s rise, the progress of era is closely related with energy. And the third industrial revolution, which is high-profile, will involve new energy technology as well. Nowadays, A us-funded enterprises in the world are mostly related to the production and using of energy.

When it came to China’s current energy consumption structure, Dean Li said that China’s current energy consumption gave priority to coal and energy’s using efficiency was pretty low. Compared with America, their energy structure was more diverse and balanced, and their new energy technology went in the front. As a consequence, developing new energy technology and improving energy’s using efficiency are urgent.


Dean Li mentioned that our college was the first one to set up Institute of Energy Efficiency Research. In addition, our college also opened the Institute of Advanced Nuclear Energy, Institute of Chemical Energy, Institute of Solar Energy, Institute of Bio Energy and so on. They each performed its own functions, created together and cooperated very well. At the same time, in order to encourage the young generation to cultivate the spirit of innovation, Dean Li introduced the present general energy situation of our country and some professional concepts with close-to-life examples and big data.

After the lecture, students raised their questions actively, and Dean Li answered each one patiently. Zhexiong Zheng, who was a freshman, was curious about the reason why Dean Li abandoned working in American’s laboratory and committed to nuclear energy. Dean Li shared with his own experience: I studied physics in university stage, and then read doctor in America. I went close to nuclear energy and fell in love with it time and time again, and finally I chose it as my profession, and I hope that you can be as lucky as me, encounter the work that you are willing to afford all your life to it.


Through the 45th Energy Forum, the new students listened the kindly share and inculcation from Dean Li, which not only shortened the distance of Dean Li and students, but also deepened the students’ understanding of China’s future energy situation and strategy. Finally, when dean Li asked the students why they chose this major, all students lost in thought. We hope that our students can find their answers in their future study and research life and realize them, without living up to their choices.


(Yujie Chen)