The application, development, and challenge of lithium-ion battery - the Forty-Seventh Energy Forum
Time:2016-12-08   Visits:134

On December 12th, the forty-seventh Energy Forum was held by Academic Apartment in order to help students learn about the future and the challenge of the lithium-ionbattery.


The lecture was hosted by student Chenlei Liao and was given by teacher Zhengliang Gong. Teacher Gong firstly introduced how lithium-ionbattery plays an important role in modern society, and then he divided his lecture into 3 parts: the principle of lithium-ionbattery, the application of lithium-ionbattery, and the concept of the new battery.

As to the principle of lithium-ionbattery, teacher Gong taught students the chemical change when lithium-ionbattery was used. And he held the view that it is the proper material of the positive and negative poles that decides the quality of battery. Next, teacher Gong talked on the advantage and the disadvantage of lithium-ionbattery, that is, high efficiency and high cost.

Finally, teacher Gong told students several main directions and research results of Institute for Chemical Energy. He believes that lithium-ionbattery is the main product of battery industry, and there may be some advanced battery likelithium-air battery, magnesium sulfur battery, and so on in the future.

When the lecture was over, the students raised their questions positively and teacher Gong was so willing to answer them. All the students said they had gained a lot through the lecture.