Rechargeable batteries bridging the gap between the smart grid and electric vehicles
Time:2016-12-01   Visits:118

In the evening of November 28th, the 46th Energy Forum was successfully held in College of Energy. A great speech was delivered by Prof. Peter HL Notten from Eindhoven University of Technology. Many experts including Prof. Guo Qixun and Prof. Yang Yong attended the forum.

Prof. Peter HL Notten is an expert in energy. His research mainly includes the development of advanced battery and hydrogen storage materials, modeling of new battery technologies, energy storage materials and rechargeable batteries (NiMH and Li-ion) systems and complex battery management system (BMS) development, which is used in electric vehicles and smart grid connection. So far, he has published about 250 papers and about 30 invention patents have been authorized.


The report is mainly about Rechargeable batteries bridging the gap between the smart grid and electric vehicles. Prof Guo Qixun first gave a brief introduction to the speaker Prof. Peter H.L. Notten in both English and Chinese, so that the students had a general understanding of the professor. After the opening of the forum, Prof. Peter HL Notten introduced the components of the future sustainable energy chain, including wind energy, solar panels, power plants and heat pumps. He stressed that energy is the source of social development and energy for sustainable development.

Then, Professor Peter HL Notten introduced the new battery technology, he proposed the dream of new energy development - electric vehicles, which is a new vehicle that using new battery as energy storage. It was a revolutionary strategy in the new energy vehicles. When it comes to the battery, the current electric vehicles rely mainly on lithium batteries. Then the concept of nickel-metal hydride batteries, thermodynamics and dynamics of the battery was introduced in the speech.

Then, the professor proposed that the development of charging vehicles is aiming at achieving the integration of electric vehicles and smart grid. Super battery, once applied to the car in a large scale, shall change the whole industry. Professor Peter H.L. Notten analyzed the future of rechargeable batteries in two respects: the evolution and revolution of the battery.

Yang Yong conclude the whole speech at last, which closed the whole forum in joy and fun.